I had to get my fingerprints taken and a new mug shot for my Immigration card today. Funny that there was nobody there today other than myself. Last time I went the place seemed to be packed with people It was like waiting at Ellis Island for processing. We set off really early and got there an hour before my appointment was due expecting it to take some time to get processed and waiting. We were back before the time my appointment was scheduled for. If only every appointment in life was this efficient. After we got back with lots of time to kill before my daughter was out of school we went for a meal in the local diner. We've never been in there before even though it has been there almost 18 months now. It was fantastic great food, friendly staff and of course endless cups of coffee. It was here that I started reflecting on why they are so many Illegal immigrants in this country. Its the price of legal immigration that's the problem. Just to get to where I am in the process now, which is awaiting my 10 year green card. I may have another interview but the whole cost is nearly $6,000 who can afford to pay that from a poor country. I'm lucky to have a lot of support as well as a job that helped pay for the cost. (out of my own pocket no sponsorship for me) I'm just grateful that this pending another interview is the last time I have to do this for the foreseeable future, but I do feel for the 1000's of people who want to be a part of this process who either can't afford it or just want to try and get a better life. I'm torn between a rock and a hard place when it comes to illegal immigration. Part of me is annoyed because I've gone about it the proper way, but part of my can emphasise  with them. After all don't we all want what's best for our family and they are just the same.



04/05/2011 7:45pm

My sister's husband is illegal. but 10 years ago he came here on a work visa. when he went back to get his green card renewed they turned him away. He had already been here working for a solid 10 years, 3 jobs and not good jobs either. it seems as the immigrants get the crappy job's no one wants. cleaning up a bar afterhours etc. I would take any of those jobs at this point. as I am sure most people would if in a bad enough situation. well anyways; this guy had never been in trouble and was sending a majority of his money back to his country to help his large family who had nothing. he had a choice to make. stay here illegally and do what was best for his family, or go back and not risk the jail time. (more expenses) at this point about 5 years later he is married and has a child on the way. still working those 3 jobs and is having to fight to get his card. he hasn't seen his family in 10+ years. I find it heartbreaking. I personally feel government is to blame. I think that all of the land should be free to roam. it saddens me that there are rich countries and they turn away people who only want what we have. If someone is adding to society, working, raising a family he/she should be able to be here regardless. the only time I see it as a problem is if the person is here milking our state programs, and welfare and selling drugs for money. In my opinion no one is welcome to earn dirty money weather they are here legally or not. and when people are here illegally we shouldn’t pay to put them in jail. we complain that we don't have money and then we house people for years and years. and really is crossing a boarder a crime? It seems so petty. but opinions are like a*holes, we all have one right?

04/05/2011 11:15pm

@ Jasmine I have an an opinion and an asshole and I'm sure you'll think of me as the latter soon enough.

First, you say that contributors to our society should be allowed to stay regardless; well, it seems to me that cleaning up after hours falls short making up for all of the damage he's doing to our economy. When you send money to a different country, it is now bolstering THEIR economy and detracting from ours. The more we give away, the less we have. You say he was sending the majority of his money abroad like it's a good thing.

Green card renewals don't get rejected for no reason. If he had a clean work record (on the books) and was never in trouble, he would have gotten renewed.

And who the fuck gets married and has a kid when they're an illegal alien?? If he gets deported is your sister going to take the kid and follow him to some 3rd world country? Seems to me that a decent person wouldn't put a woman in a situation that would potentially force her to make such a decision. It also seems to me that a responsible person wouldn't marry an illegal alien and have bear his child knowing full well that, chances are this kid's going to grow up without a daddy. And no, crossing the border isn't a crime, doing it without permission is.

Did you ever stop to think that the tired, poor, huddled masses are choking the fuck out of our once great society? Go ahead, open the borders and see how long it takes for America to become a 3rd world country. Do you know why people hesitate before swimming out to rescue a drowning individual? It's because there's a good chance they'll drag you right the fuck down with them.


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