Well the last week and a half has been one of sickness for me with back pain problems and then the flu I haven't had the energy or the will power to write anything at all on the computer.

Anyone else think though that the biggest design flaw in the human body is when we are sick the body's defence is to block off your nose, close your throat and open your bowels. So now you can't eat you can't breathe and even if you do cough you risk a serious trouser accident.

I managed to get my temp up to 103f one night and I must admit I was slightly on the delusional side. Trying to do basic maths is a no go really, so figuring out how much Paracetamol or Acetaminophen I have ingested into my system without going over 6000mg was hard going.

My 'Cup' that I use is about twice the size of a normal mug which is good for tea and coffee as it means I don't have to keep putting the kettle on every 5 minutes to make another brew, but it does mean that one Theraflu™ doesn't cut it, so I have to use two and even then it tastes a bit weak... This combined elixir contains 1350mg of the 6000.

As part of my back pain im requested (and required) to take (at least) one 800mg of Ibuprofen every day. No where could I find if mixing it with the other stuff was a good or bad idea... To hell with it i thought it's only going to be around 2000mg even if it isn't supposed to be mixed...

At some point after that I nodded off, not passed out, or fainted, or died; just fell asleep. When I woke up I had amnesia I didn't know where I was my head was beating so hard it felt like it was going to explode I've never had migraine but I can only assume this is what it felt like I could only just open my eyes to the light, slowly I made my way into the kitchen and into the medicine cabinet I went for the Ibuprofen at first but then spotted the Nyquil that my Wife had brought about a month ago for her cold.

Thinking well its supposed to be for flu I drank straight from the bottle no measure just one big gulp. I made my way back from the kitchen and flopped down on the computer chair. After what felt like 2 hours or so of just staring into black space wide awake with my hands over my face, sweat pouring out of me and a weird sound that I only hear when i'm really sick that I can only describe as your blood flowing, not your heartbeat but the actual flow it's too irregular for a heartbeat, a thought dawned on me. What's actually in that Nyquil. I looked at the bottle contains 625mg of Acetaminophen per 15mg. I drank from the bottle how much is 15mg. to satisfy my delusional mind I poured it out into the measuring cup..I worked out i'd probably had about 8 of them at least in my 'Swig' of the bottle. This is where it started to get complicated I'd taken 1350 with 800 of something else that I wasn't sure would affect it, and now 8 times 625. For the life of me I  couldn't work out how much it was, I do know what the answer is now, but at the time it was a mystery I sat at the computer opened up the calculator and punched in the numbers and multiplied them ALL by 8 can't be right, some weird infinite figure flashed up on the screen.

Around this time I fell asleep again. I had a weird dream brought on by raging fever and a delusional mind. I forgot how to sleep and every time I went to sleep my legs would start running in the bed, this isn't part of the dream this is what was happening. I remember being in bed whilst my right leg with no warning lifted itself around head height and slammed itself into the bed with the force of a pro-wrestler, this was really frightening me now.

I decided to have a shower maybe it would help me cool down a bit and settle my nerves, if not I would phone the emergency number and get to hospital. Thankfully the shower seemed to work quite well I felt a little more 'With it' and I came downstairs again.

I realised I hadn't ate in the last 48 hours at all and barely drank through no fault of anyone's but my own. I made myself a small bowl of soup and a cup of tea. It took me over 2 hours to eat that bowl of soup. I had to re-heat it 3 times, I just couldn't swallow it my throat wasn't really hurting that bad. It was, well; normally you don't think about eating, you put food in your mouth, you chew and you swallow, basically that's how eating works.

This bowl of soup was like this: OK its in my mouth now what and if you've ever tried to swallow when your using a part of your brain that doesn't deal with swallowing usually it can be a weird experience. It's rather like breathing you do it automatically but the moment you start thinking about it, in and out, in and out, you can't do it any more.

Feeling slightly exhausted and with another bad migraine type headache, really achy body again I reached for the medicine cabinet again, not thinking really I took another swig of the nyquil I spent the rest of the day doing nothing maybe watching a little TV in between going to the toilet and lying down in the dark. This patten continued over much of the next day.

I remember being asleep I remember turning the light on I don't remember coming downstairs and I certainly don't remember putting the kettle on, it seemed like I came too just as the whistle of the kettle was about to blow itself off. I don't know how long it was boiling for or even how long I'd been there stood next to it staring at it. I made a cup of theraflu™ and watched the snooker. I remember the fever starting to break around Sunday night 4 days after it started.  I stopped feeling delusional and more just sick and yucky.

Until today i realised that in those nights i exceeded the recommended dose by about 2500mg every day for 4 days, not only that I felt better for it so it goes to show, in some cases overdose works wonders but I don't recommend it......

So now you know roughly how my last week has been I will get back to writing other stuff soon....



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