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I've decided to come back to my blog at least for a while. I stopped mainly because I had nothing to write about and finding the time to write about nothing isn't exactly number one on my list of priorities. A lot has happened to me in the last 6 months but none of it really important , so i would take this time to look at the things that I've been interested in recently. I've always had a fascination with conspiracy theorists some are obviously more credible than others. The latest one to be doing the rounds is the so called imagery linked to a possible attack on the London Olympics. Theories that include a group called the Illuminati seem to be responsible for everything bad that is happening in the world at the moment. The theorists summarize that they have certain symbols such as the all seeing eye found on the back of the US one dollar bill, numbers such as 9, 11, 13 and 33. So these people spend their time looking for these symbols in popular culture to see if they can for want of a better phrase 'predict the future'.

Even if your not convinced by what they say, you have to give them one thing they are supremely well researched and they are designed to make you think. For example in the video posted they talk about previous terrorist attacks being mentioned in the media in various sources, these attacks include 9/11 which is a conspiracy theorists wet dream.

Even I am not convinced we have heard all the facts about that. Infact I will go so far to say some of their documentaries I have watched make more sense than the official explanations, but this isn't a story about 9/11 and whether or not you believe in that. The 'proof' for these attacks forthcoming on London range from television programs that themselves plan attacks on London several of which seem to point to Big Ben as a target, which is either a large coincidence, lack of imagination from the writers or the conspiracy theorists are correct. Again I will say watch the video for more information on that.

They are also convincing on the all seeing eye symbolism contained within these television programs, and I start to believe these people have 'A LOT' of time on their hands. They even go so far as to say the mascots for the London Olympics containing just one eye is also a symbol, the logo itself is a message as if you move it around it says Zion. In February 2011 the Iranian government issued a formal complaint, saying that Britain's Olympic logo spelled the word "Zion". They initially threatened to boycott the event if the "offensive" logo was not replaced. So there is obviously some truth in this even the mayor of London has said on record 'our Zionist logo'.

These truths are to me slightly peppered with things in the video that I can't see as being true, such as the reference to Private-Eye. Anyone who reads Private-Eye will know their covers have nothing at all to do with what is contained within the magazine 99% of the time, they see a picture (which in this case is from the London riots) and they make a funny caption for it. on their website they have ALL their covers from 30 years and you can see this is nothing out of the ordinary for them. So where does it leave me? Well I have to admit I did watch the panorama program about the terrorist attacks on London and I did find it a bit more than coincidental when the attacks of 7/7 took place same sort of scenario and if your willing to look into it further the bus that exploded wasn't even on the route it was supposed to be on.

But having lived in the UK through the IRA years and seen the devastation that they could produce my fear factor isn't raised by the possibility of such attacks from whatever organization, secret government or any of the worlds known outfits, more people get killed from accidents in the home per month than have ever been killed in terrorist attacks. Having said that it is a fact that governments are the largest unnatural killers of other humans, take communist China they have killed a conservative estimate of around 80 million people. Pol Pot killed 2.2 million Cambodians, and so on and so on until you can make a conservative figure of around 260 million people, And that's just in the 20th / 21st century alone. 

So don't think your government is incapable of killing you, some just do it more quietly than others. The Olympics I hope will pass without incident, but It wouldn't surprise me if they didn't. and expect a large we told you so from the conspiracy theorists if they do and a finger pointing exercise by the government, probably involving the words Iran and nuclear. Still don't be fearful this sort of thing happens all the time and is unreported, its just good to keep yourself informed from every side of the square and not just one side and that is what this story is about. Get your news from multiple sources and make your own decisions.....

Below is the Video I was talking about :)



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